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OpenMiracle is an open source accounting software, includes all the traditional accounting package features and also contains some additional features.
Miracle i

The next stepping stone of open miracle Miracle i.

which helps in showing you the graphical representation of the company status. A unique software with unique features in it and also to be the first in market.

Miracle irepresents entire openmiracle modules by projecting various graphical representaions with most idealistic view. Financial statements can be easily analyzed using pie-charts,user interface is more flexible now with the help of coloring system and bar-chart rating. An over all statistic view of a company in a single click!!

Miracle Skate

Fed up of data base migration ?!!Try Miracle Skate

Miracle Skate helps to migrate data from Tally accounting software to Open Miracle without any loss of data and it helps the customer to enjoy the features of latest business accounting software-Open Miracle.

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Open Miracle
  • Easy to use
  • Dot matrix printer settings
  • Payroll
  • Standard rate
  • Budget
  • PDC
  • Financial Report
  • Powerful Report
  • Barcode
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